Fix Your Lasers!

Yes, I know what you are thinking: “I hadn’t noticed that any of my multitude of lasers were broken…”, but so be it. 🙂
Sam’s Laser FAQ LASERFAQ – A Practical Guide to Lasers for Experimenters and Hobbyists.

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A Practical Guide to Lasers for Experimenters and Hobbyists
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Let the laser out to play, plz!
Let the laser out to play, plz!

Deformati’s Unofficial Back-To-School WAF Non-conspiracy Movie Play-list

I present to you, Deformati’s Unofficial Back-To-School WAF Non-conspiracy Movie Play-list. Most of these are available on Netflix.

Watch The Machine (2013)
The Machine
About AI
SlowburnSciFi w Game of Thrones and Arrow actors

Watch Robin Wright at The Congress
The Congress
About VR and Social Media
MetaMeta SciFi – Princess Bride’s Robin Wright plays herself.

Watch Land of the Blind with Donald Sutherland BEFORE Hunger Games Fame!Land of the Blind
Dark Comedy/Political Satire
About Marketing and Corporate Government

Watch People Rationalize everything in (Dis)Honesty by Dan Ariely(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies
About People and Everything They Do
Documentary from Dan Ariely – behavioral studies about lying.

Star Wars Galactic Defense Update Is Finally Here!

A Long Time Ago…

DeNA servers for Star Wars Galactic Defense just went back online this afternoon with a major update to the game. Most notably, access to both Dark Side and Light Side levels from the same screen.  Also in store are some majors changes to how the champion characters are leveled, as well as “streamlined game features, and never before seen content!”

Nice convoluted leveling system and all, however the wookie in the room, is the arrival of 20 new levels on planet Kashyyyk! I am about to sit down and jump in.

I’ll let you know how it goes, as this is a on the heels of game developer DeNA making bigger deals with Nintendo back in March, but please note, I do not plan on letting the wookie win.

Kashyyyk Level 1
Kashyyyk Level 1

Darklands (video game) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Darklandscover” by Source. Licensed under Wikipedia.

I would play this game on my father’s 486 work computer, having to install and uninstall each game playing session due to limited hard drive space (2 MB).
Alongside Monty Python’s Holy Grail, this game’s thorough treatment of the “dark ages” was my primary image of the origins of many fantasy tropes.
You could select a career for you characters, gaining additional skill sets, but every additional skill cost them 5 years of life!

Watch “Goat Loose on 85 in Charlotte, North Carolina” on YouTube

I was using the Waze app, when we were abruptly stopped by a GOAT running in traffic during rush hour.
Waze has yet to add a button for “Goat”.